About Us

Ruth Mueller

Ruth Mueller, owner of Massage to Thrive, is a certified Licensed Massage Therapist and has successfully worked in her field since 2008. She received her excellent massage education from Sage School of Massage and Healing Arts in Bend, Oregon. The holistic education provided over 750 hours of training in Massage Therapy.

She has taken additional continuing education classes in:
  • Myoskeletal Alignment, Techniques for Neck, Sciatica, Feet & Leg Pain, from Erik Dalton.
  • OsteoKinesis: Pelvis & Lower Extremities
  • Effective Treatments for Sciatica
  • Assessing and Balancing the Body, Mind and Spirit
  • Understanding Sports Massage
  • Infant Massage
Her mission is to help people and relieve their various aches and pains. She will customize the massage to address the needs of the individual. She will provide a safe, comfortable atmosphere in her massage room. Ruth believes in educating her clients about their health, posture, tight muscles and pain patterns. She will also discuss the benefits of creating an ergonomically safe working environment to help to prevent problems from recurring.

Our Studio

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  • Myofascial Release


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  • Foot Reflexology
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After filling out some paperwork, we will discuss what massage therapy would best suit you, based on your individual needs. Ruth will describe the flow of the massage to you, so that you get a feeling for how the massage session will go. Please, feel free to talk to her about the massage pressure you like as well as any concerns you might have. Your body will be covered with a sheet throughout the whole massage. The only body parts that will be uncovered will be the body parts that will be worked on.
Throughout the massage, Ruth wants you to be comfortable and she will attempt to minimize any pain or discomfort you may feel during your massage.